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Click on CORS link above for pictures of Forest City Station "NCFC"


Burnt Chimney Network Reference Station

Network reference station reports & OPUS solutions reports are in PDF format.  You can download a trial version of Adobe Acrobat Reader here:   Get Acrobat Reader

Report of position of our new BCSB Network Reference Station Report. Revised 2/10/04

OPUS Solution Reports  

    Day 100 Year 2002    Day 119 Year 2002   Day 120 Year 2002    Day 121 Year 2002

   Day 176 Year 2002    Day 193 Year 2002   Day 211 Year 2002    Day 248 Year 2002            

   Day 249 Year 2002    Day 250 Year 2002  Day 253 Year 2002   Day 056 Year 2003


bcsb_pole_1.jpg (173975 bytes)   bcsb_pole_3.jpg (208232 bytes)                                             arp_poop.jpg (60839 bytes)

 Two views of reference pole                                           Antenna Reference Point Data


Dog Lot Reference Station

"DLOT" ~ Station "DOGLOT" is a concrete monument with a brass tablet flush with the ground near the Rutherford County NDB across from the Rutherford County animal shelter.

Report of position of "DOG LOT" DLOT Reference Station Report  Revised 4/24/03

OPUS Solution Reports        Day 220 Year 2002    Day 221 Year 2002

                                           Day 224 Year 2002    Day 261 Year 2002

                                           Day 298 Year 2002